About Sharon

From 22 September 2020 until 31 December 2020 (both days included) I will be running 101 consecutive days of +-21.5km per day in a bid to qualify for a Guinness World Record for the most half-marathon distances run by a female. The previous (unofficial) record is 75 consecutive days.

I’m doing this as a fundraiser for the two organisations I support, the One Land Love It Foundation and Community Chest Eastern Cape.

My aim is to raise a minimum of R250 000 to further the fight against rhino poaching via the One Land Love It Foundation, and to help alleviate hunger and poverty amongst the people of Nelson Mandela Bay via the Community Chest Eastern Cape.

Reaching my target will mean that both these organisations can continue doing the amazing and admirable work they are currently doing under huge monetary constraints.

We also know that do to the still extended lockdown situation in South Africa many people have lost their jobs, the travel and tourism industry is under massive pressure and rhino poaching will be escalating as a result of financially vulnerable and hungry people.

If we can just continue to make a small difference every day, save one rhino and one person every day and start creating employment we can make a huge difference.

The funds raised for the One Land Love It Foundation will be put towards anti-poaching initiatives and to support the anti-poaching units in the Eastern Cape and also to support the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary looking after orphaned rhinos.

These babies require a lot of love, care, attention, milk formula, veterinary services and around the clock care so the funds raised will make a huge difference.

The funds raised for Community Chest Eastern Cape will be utilized for community feeding scheme initiatives and for developing community-based upliftment programs.

The goal is ultimately to save our rhinos (and other wildlife) to enable us to save people.

The tourism industry is South Africa’s “new gold”. Just the tourism industry alone has the capacity to create 15 million new jobs if run correctly.

Our aim ultimately is to use these two organisations together with a number of others and the private tourism industry to train and educate our people and create many jobs.

Save the Rhinos – Save the People!